Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Investing on Your Own Gadget

Are you a fan of gadgets? You always update yourself in buying what is the latest and what is the hottest buy on earth? With this, you want to have a budget to buy new stuff that you can afford but your budget cannot be reached. Good example of a gadget where you can invest it is a Mobile Phone. Cellular phones makers updated their product as much as possible every month. They come up with new designs and features and the price of course are expensive. If you are into mobile phones and keeps on investing and buying new handsets because you know later that there will be new units that will be introduced and buy a new one again.

Selling second hands cellular phone are easier than buying a new one for those buyers who are looking for a nice phone and affordable. If are into buying a new gadget and sell it later you should:

Keep the Receipt. On purchased, you should keep the receipt for future purposes.

Keep the Warranty Card. Like the receipt, the warranty card is also important if there are some defects with the unit. If you wish to sell your phone after 6 months you've been using, you can still offer the buyers that the unit still under warranty.

Keep the Box of the item. This is the advantage that in the future if you want to sell your item you can still show that your item is still have its box and you taking care of it.

Keep the Accessories of the phone. If you are not a fan of using headsets, keep it inside the plastic where it was when you bought it. At least the buyer would think that it's safe to use the headset since you did not using them.

Keep the Screen Protector neat and no bubbles. This is to prevent your screen from scratch. Since you will be using the unit for six months or depends on you until when you would like to use it. The point is that you are taking care of your phone that looks in good condition.

Buy a nice leather pouch for your phone. To take good care of the unit.

Prevent your phone from scratch or to fade the letters in the keypad of your phone. If it's a touch screen phone, screen protector will do.

With all these efforts is your investment. When the time comes that you want to sell your phone. You can post it like this:

Title of your post: "For Sale: Good Condition [model of your phone]"

Reason for Selling: To buy a new phone [or depends on you why]

Body of your post: Put the features of your phone.

When did you bought the unit How many months you've been using the unit.

If it's under warranty, you can include that in your post.

Most important is to post the photos of the unit, USB cord, headsets, accessories [if any], memory card, charger, leather pouch, the box and etc.

Don't forget to post your contact number for faster transaction.

And there you go. Your phone is now for sale to buy a new phone. :) It is just a small time investment

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