Friday, July 9, 2010

Using LCD Monitor for Advertising

Displayed posters, leaflets, price lists, and brochures in a shop or store is part of the company's advertisement and marketing their products. Businessmen are looking up for new ideas how to deliver or market to the consumer their products. Setting up or putting up LCD monitor inside the store can help customers understand more on the product. Products that are needed to have visual advertising mostly home equipments such as kitchen equipments, and cleaning equipments for instance:

Vacuum Cleaner - Most of the vacuum cleaner has 6-in-1 hose for different types of cleaning. This really need, a LCD monitor with the video of how to use the equipment while the salesclerk demonstrate the basic functions of the vacuum.

Mini LCD could also use for advertising food. Business that using mini LCD are kiosks that selling food that is new to the market. So, people will appreciate their product.
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