Wednesday, June 9, 2010

How often do you exercise?

I do my exercise everyday. I'm more cardiovascular exercise by targeting a specific heart rate along with balanced diet are key factors to control weight and stay healthy.

Types of Exercise:

Flexibility Exercise Flexibility exercise is done to improve movement of the muscles and joints. Stretching and bending are common forms of flexibility training. This type of exercise helps prevent muscle stiffness and joint pain (so far). Along with a warm-up session, stretching exercises should be performed before, and after exercise schedule. This will help reduces muscle pain and injury and the proper muscle recovery after exercise.

Anaerobic Exerc
ise: Anaerobic exercise or weight lifting exercise is performed primarily to build muscle and increase size, strength and endurance. Anaerobic exercise such as sit-ups, squats, rowing, pull ups and push ups.

Aerobic Exercise:
Known as cardiovascular exercise. It strengthens the muscles and promotes endurance by targeting specific heart rate. Also best to lose weighting. Aerobic Exercise such as jogging, cycling, running, dancing, swimming and playing sports. Exercise at least 1 hour per day and have a proper diet. To have a healthy life!
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