Monday, June 21, 2010

Beware of Bogus Buyer Online

What is Bogus Buyer? this is the term of the sellers online for the scammers who will reserved for the selling item over the internet, text messages and chat. They will reserved and meet you up in a place where you agreed to have your meet up or where you usually do meet ups and after all the waiting and wasting time, that buyer will not shown up! That is painful! and that's what you called Bogus Buyer.

There are different types of Bogus Buyer, like what I've mentioned above and the other one is the scammers that money involves in it. Selling items online is a sure gamble for the safety of the sellers and the buyers because its also possible to have a scammers the one who sells online and the victims are the buyers. But since I'm referring to the buyers who are bogus and scammers, sellers online want to make sure that you are 100% sure once you reserved the item.

To be aware of this, make sure that you will post your own Rules in Selling. Indicate the following information: Time of Meet-Ups, What days you are available, Your contact numbers, and post the "No Bogus Buyer Allowed".

• Don't trust a person easily, like giving him/her the item without getting any pay from that person.
• If they will tell you that, they have to get the item first because then will get or withdraw a money, don't give the item.
• If they have many alibis during your meet ups that's the time that you have to be suspicious.
• Make sure that you have his / her contact number, email, and save the transactions you had with that person for future purposes.

Again, you have to make sure and don't let bogus buyers or scammers hits you.
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