Friday, May 21, 2010

How to Post Your Own Ad For Free

We all want to have our own business to have extra income. To start with, the easiest way to have your own business is to look for merchandising who offers consignment and your effort is your investment. Consignment goods are now common in business especially when it come to merchandise business - Clothing. You don't need to have starting capital you only have to exert effort You can market it online, post it into online forums if you will post it on free classified ads sites make sure to be more informative.

•Title Of Your Post:
Put an interesting and catchy title to get the buyers attention and don't forget to post it as "For Sale."

•The Body Of Your Post:

The body of your post should include the following:

•Shopping Rules - Buyers should read first your rules before buying. Rules such as how to reserved the item, the payment method, your meet-up points and delivery of the item or shipping fee.

•About the Product - Post brief description about the product that you are selling where they come from and tell the buyers if you have limited stocks and how many items are on-hand.

•Selling Price
- It depends on what items that you are selling however it should be at reasonable price and remember that there are some buyers that asking for the "last price" the negotiable price should have an allowance. You know the drill.

• Images - Do not forget to post photos of your items that you are selling

•Location - Buyers have to know where is your location is for the meet-ups purposes. There are buyers that could be far from your place and that's when the time you have to apply the shipping fee or delivery of the item.

•Contact Information - Post your mobile phone number or landline number for faster transaction as well as your e-mail address. Make sure to update your ads every day, it will not take for more than 30 minutes to update it.
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