Thursday, December 23, 2010


Wishing you all Merry Christmas to you and to your Family. God bless us all.

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Google Opens E-Bookstore Business

Google, the Internet giant was open its E-bookstore business. Google said it had 3 million titles available from more than 4,000 publishers, including the New York Times, Simon & Schuster, McMillan, and Random House, .

It is a store created for a world of gadgets and leaves no independent retailers out of the loop. Customers can create their own libraries, then access your purchases - right in the sentence where they left off - from a variety of devices, from cell phones to personal computers. 

With the large number of titles available and their dominance as a search engine, Google immediately be measured against the established media, such as Barnes & Noble,Apple, and Amazon.

The online store is called Google and the "open ecosystem" also allows independent booksellers to sign and connect from their own Web sites. 

American Booksellers Association CEO Oren Teicher said: "This level playing field."

"If you want to buy electronic books, which not only have to buy in large national retail outlets," he said.

You can visit the Google E-Bookstore here.
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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Simple New Look

Recently, I had been checking all the sites that offers free business template for blogger. Unfortunately, I am having a hard time to choose what theme would it be. I like to change my blue layout into a simple and neat template. After brainstorming with myself (yes, myself only hahaha! don't laugh!) I decided to pick the simple template here in blogger.

Well, I guess this is better which can help readers (if I do have here) to read my posts.

That's all. Have a great day, everyone! Let me know if you have other comments regarding the new look of my blog. Leave some comments. I am happy to read comments from you guys. ☺

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What Can You Sell Online?

Since doing business online is the easiest way to have your own business, what can you sell online?

There are many things you can sell online these are:

1. Clothes
2. Shoes

3. Bags and Accessories

4. Gadgets

5. Supplements

6. Beauty Cares Products and Make Ups
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Why Business Online?

So why does business online, either though the Internet has made about 1.8 million users which means that any company can capture a mass audience at relatively low compared to the campaigns marketing available, such as advertising on television, where costs are very high, a business web site could be operational within a few days and get opinions for life after that, while the TV campaign would be long gone and usually forgotten.

The Internet is also available worldwide 24 hours a day 365 days a year and can be a great opportunity for any business, exhibition to be available to any one at any now where people can see more of your products or services and compare to others, or even contact you by email at 2 am this is a great advantage for your business, online marketing can generate leads when in reality you are sleeping.

Another reason for doing business online is that there are so many forums in all possible niches where people interested in the topics, hobbies or business areas are active collectively, these forums are good places to advertise your business for free sometimes or for a reasonable price, the overall benefit of these places is that in general the whole world is no longer interested in that topic, subject or field and that means that marketing your business here do not have to look for customers who are already active in an area, reducing the search for potential customers.

However, every forum in general, has its own list of rules and regulations, but if correctly followed a company can access the forum to sign an individual account and then post comments in discussion boards with offers of help or knowledge or promote or advertise your business
or services, many allow advertising at reasonable prices, but the forums vary considerably and so do the rules to ensure the standards are understood and followed or your account may be banned.

With social bookmarking sites like Digg, Squidoo, StumpleUpon allow free pages to support their business needs, is not it time your business was the online marketing and make presence before their competitors take over and start stealing customers value.
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Friday, November 12, 2010

Ways How To Burn Fats

We all have days when there is no time to go to the gym. So we ask: What about the activities of cardio-house blast fat faster?

Wonder no more. These are the first seven fat burners and calorie, from Los Angeles-based celeb trainer Ramona Braganza, who has helped shape the amazing bodies of stars like Jessica Alba, Halle Berry and Anne Hathaway.

Try any of these, and increase your metabolism up a day later. A light workout, a huge reward.

 1. Inline skating

Burn 425 calories in 30 minutes
Surprised? While skating could be so fun to remember that you are actually working, it also number one on their list when it comes to fat and calorie blasting.

The big burn is due to the movement, from side to side of your thigh and gluteal muscles (requiring more of your body that direct movement of our number two activity - running). And its core is wrapped in a big way to maintain balance.

What's more, you get all these benefits without putting too much stress on the knees and other joints. Skate to a continued strong pace. Do not forget your helmet, wrist guards, knee and elbow pads.

Increases the burn: Alternate one minute of hard skating strokes a minute of medium pace.

2. Running
Burn 374 calories in 30 minutes

The shape of the typical rider is sleek and slim, and there is a reason for that: The major muscles that run - legs, back, center - turn out to be the biggest muscles in burning calories and fat in your body.

To get the most out of each step, swing your arms close to your body, not leaning forward, and keep your feet near the ground. To lessen the impact, land in the middle of your foot, then rolling over the toes.

Increases the burn: alternate fast and slow intervals, or take to the hills.  

3. Jumping rope
Burn 340 calories in 30 minutes

You knew that this exercise had to be high on the list. After all, is one of the favorite ways to train pro fighters.

To get the most out of each jump, the use of a rope with handles that come to just under the armpits when you stand in it, and so follow these tips: Jump with your feet slightly apart and your body upright and maintain its low-altitude jumps. Do not have a rope? You'll get the same benefits to make the movements of the open string.

Increases the burn: Often the safety switch on the speed (slow, fast) and style (jump with one foot, then two feet), or jumping rope, while you jog.

4. Hula hoop
Burn 300 calories in 30 minutes

There's a reason Marisa Tomei and Beyoncé ring to keep your body beautiful - is a torcher big fat and calories. To do it yourself, take an adult-sized ring (they are larger and heavier than basketball for children, making them easier to turn), you know you have the right size when it reaches your chest when you are in front of you.

Necessary movements, either. Just keep it going around the waist. To begin, stand with one foot before the other and shift your weight back and forth (as opposed to around a circle). And do not worry if you are less than perfect at first, you still important to reduce calories, and improve every time you turn. 

 5. Tennis
Burn 272 calories in 30 minutes

Do not think you need to bring a partner or walking to court to break a sweat super with the racket in his hand.

(Although, if you have a friend and a network of close, you'll burn the same calories.) Simply find a flat area near a wall or garage door that can hit the ball against.  Alternate forehand and backhand shots - then see how you can do in a row without mishaps. Stand 10 to 25 feet away, which will force you to hit harder.

Even the practice of their service will make your body burn mode, and you have to run and bend to pick up lost balls.

Increases the burn: Try to hit the ball consistently for 50 or 100 strokes. "Having a goal will make you work harder to reach him," says Braganza.

6. Dancing
Burns 221 calories in 30 minutes

This cannot be the biggest calorie burner in the bunch, but still an excellent - and fun! - The metabolism booster. (Just look at Kelly Osbourne, who began his incredible loss of 42 pounds in Dancing with the Stars).

Increases the burn: Use your arms! Pick up in the air and move to the beat.   

7. Walking vigorously
Burn 170 calories in 30 minutes

Yes, actually walk on our list. Full disclosure, though: A walk with a friend not cut it. You should be walking briskly enough that it is difficult to maintain a constant conversation.

To get the most of your larger muscles burn calories - the legs, buttocks, and central - measures short, fast, keep the torso erect, arms pump back and forth (not side to side) in time with your step. With each step, land on the heel and roll through your toes.

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Online Marketing Guide for your Home Based Business

photo from flickr

Making your business from home knows that the Internet can be a difficult task. You will need a complete online guide and comprehensive marketing to help them survive in the murky waters of Internet marketing. With this guide at your disposal, you will never be no idea of the different aspects and requirements of promoting your online business. The guide could help you launch your first online campaign success and keep for a long time.

You can expect many benefits of online marketing guide.

• A better understanding of the overall Internet marketing - a marketing guide provides an overview of Internet marketing, history, and its usefulness. This picture gives you a better appreciation of the role of Internet in promoting their business.

• Reducing business costs and saving time - The best of the Internet is not hard to get your business, and helps you do in just a few clicks and keystrokes. An online marketing guide offers advise on how to avoid costly mistakes and waste time as you go promoting your business online.

• A better understanding of marketing techniques on the Internet - you need an informative guide that arms you with the correct knowledge about how to use various online tools to build the online presence for your business. Among the online marketing techniques you will learn from a guide to online marketing is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), email marketing, affiliate marketing, pay per click marketing, link building, article marketing, and social media marketing.

Besides that, a guide that teaches how to attract prospects and convert them into customers or business partners.

• Tips and ideas from experts - Nothing is better than knowledge obtained from industry experts. Their experience and proven and tested techniques that can emulate to make your business successful at home as well.

• Tips on online resources - This advantage is very useful if you have no idea what particular online tools you need to grow your business.

• Online Marketing Strategies - Who says you should completely discard traditional ways of marketing in marketing your business online? That is not true when it comes to online marketing, online marketing and can contribute to its success. An online marketing guide can teach you how to integrate online marketing strategies in global marketing campaign so that you can generate more traffic to your website.

• Ways to monitor the performance of you're online marketing - Your guide to Internet marketing is also a good source of information about how to evaluate the success of their online marketing efforts. This is where web analytics come into play. Web analytics involves using a variety of measurement tools that can help determine whether the current marketing year must be pushed through, or ended. The tools used in web analytics to identify the strength of his campaign and problem areas, helping to decide the best strategies to their marketing mix.

You do not have to be a guru of Internet marketing to ensure the success of your business. What you need is a reliable guide to online marketing to help you win your game.

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Youngest U.S. billionaire

The Facebook phenomenon strikes again, this time to help catapult two new 20 and many in the ranks of the richest in America for the first time and lowering the average age of U.S. richest slightly to 65.7. Only eight American billionaires are under 40 years, and three of them co-founder of Facebook.

The youngest? Not that you think it is. the world's youngest billionaire is now 26 years old, Dustin Moskovitz, who is eight days younger than his former Harvard roommate and co-founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. The social networking site first chief technology officer, Moskovitz left in 2008 and began Asana, a software company that enables individuals and small businesses to work better. The company has attracted more of the same principles as Facebook supporters and may one day be worth something. For now, however, Forbes estimated Moskovitz entire fortune of $ 1,400,000,000 from its 6 percent stake in Facebook.

Zuckerberg can not reign as the youngest member of the Forbes 400, but has won bragging rights as the year of highest percentage - his net worth rose to $ 6.9 billion, up from $ 2 billion, making a value nearly five times more than Moskovitz and even more of Apple.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Achieving Online Business Success

More people are now turning to internet to find ways to earn extra income or to accompany a fresh career path.

Starting a small business online is much easier these days than one might think. Although like any other business, putting in time and energy is needed to succeed.

Overcome your fear

When you are thinking of having a small online business can be very exciting. Planning what products or services that will promote and sell, decide what you will trade name or even what your logo may initially appear very fun. In fact, most people leave their mark on the thought 'What am I doing. "

Security check weekly or monthly payment of a large company or corporation feels like a huge weight of guilt and fear. The fear that some people can not pass. They just do not see it as an online entrepreneur. But I hear all the time how many people are making money online with Internet. And it is true, then why fear it?

It is fear of the unknown that concerns the new vendors. If they are not well informed about how to start a small online business, is actually the fear that is stopping you. Learn how to start and grow an online business can be achieved. Overcome any fear by learning everything I can to give you the confidence to move forward. The aim should be to "learn how to win!

Overcoming the issue of money:

Even if you are going to start a deli or bakery, or even a hot dog stand that should have the start-up funds to get you going.

What is exciting about the Internet, there are free information as you can get to start your online business for little or nothing. And there are plenty of other tools that are available for free as well.

Their social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, to name a few, are a huge way to share with others your new business online for free.

If necessary, the implementation of effective web site development, brochures, business cards and things of that nature, keep the budget low until you begin receiving income. A small budget should be considered and respected. Consider a small business loan or borrow money from family to start. If you have the will, find a way.

Have you ever heard that people are afraid of success? There is a strong possibility that your business will succeed and have a greater chance of success than someone who starts a business of brick and mortar small. The Internet offers millions of potential customers that offers a higher percentage of success rates between those who work to benefit your online business.

An online business allows you to assignment from home, adjustable hours, be your own bang-up and allows for your adroitness and accommodation making. These are all abundant advantages of accepting your own online business.

At first, you start small, but when you build your business and start bringing in income, allowing you to succeed and grow. Let others have to do some small tasks to have more time to build the business. This is known as outsourcing and the Internet that are able to do this online. All this builds their confidence to overcome fear of success.

If you are thinking about starting an online business or may have already started one, just remember these first 3 keys to help you stay motivated to become a successful online business.

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Facebook for Social Mobile Phones

Facebook sees a promising future in mobile phones, but the star of online social networking is not building its own handset, the founder of TechCrunch said in an interview posted online Wednesday.

"Our goal is to have Facebook everywhere and every social rather than a specific device," founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg was quoted as saying. "We're not trying to compete with Apple or the Droid (Motorola mobile phone) or any other hardware manufacturer for that matter."

Facebook arrangements for the interview to dispel speculation that the company's Palo Alto, California, was working on a mobile phone. Zuckerberg told TechCrunch that the rumors may be the result of misinterpretation of Facebook's efforts to infuse their services and benefits in the range of mobile devices.

Our goal is to make it so that we can design the best integration with the widest variety of phones, "said Zuckerberg, Facebook stressing that it was building a mobile operating system or hardware from scratch. " The software can make mobile phones more personal and social development by allowing people to sign on the way they do a personalized home pages of Google, Yahoo or anywhere on the Internet, according to Zuckerberg.

"You just have to do to access your phone once, then everything you do on your phone is social," he said.

"I think maybe Google or Microsoft could log in the browser, but can not because they do not build a browser," Zuckerberg continued. "But that is the basic strategy."

Facebook is trying to be the platform for a "social layer" on all devices connected to the Internet, according to the founder.

Facebook is investing heavily in the fabric of your software on the iPhone from Apple smartphones have a dominant presence in the market and has been to focus more on mobile phones work with the Google-backed Android software.

"If your Windows 7 is removed, I'm sure we will put resources into it," said Zuckerberg.

latest generation of Microsoft's mobile software platform to be launched next month.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Effective Marketing (Online)

Marketing is the way the dough to know about our products and services and attract buy and use. Seeing the charge of business in business development and sales, assorted fresh techniques and business concepts accept been advised and tried. Furthermore, as is the global market and the world is narrowing down, has become a necessity for companies to showcase their products to the global village.

As electronic commerce and Internet technologies have matured it has become really easy and profitable to cope. Low cost business opportunities began to flow as new areas of online business has skyrocketed. Internet business online has several allowances that accept afflicted the fundamentals of business business policies. Sometimes a marketing budget is cut short by lack of adequate funding and many other issues. Sometimes, to provide standards of quality cutting edge must invest in R & D a lot, which also results in a reduction in marketing costs. To overcome these obstacles, a concept of the results of internet marketing business on a budget with less risk and better opportunities with global clients.

Cost effective online marketing can allow a business opportunity costs low and provide real time information to consumers, and that will be useful for surveying companies and the implementation of market analysis. Emerging trends in online marketing targeted audience looking for social networking sites and search keywords based. In addition, people resort to things such as newsletters, technical notes, videos, product launches, online self-help videos on Internet marketing. Like many organizations are turning to online marketing, just building a website and get a web space is not enough to grow, qualified professionals should be hired and regular updates are a necessity to survive in this competition cutting throat. Web optimization can do much to boost the marketing process and will be a necessity deadline for online marketing.

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Online ads Health Increasingly Reliable and Efficient Health Survey 2010

NEW YORK, Aug 31, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Significantly added bodies acquisition online bloom advertisements accessible in arresting with diseases and acquirements about the ancillary furnishings and assurance of medication, according to's 2010 Bloom Study.

The study - conducted online in June - which sought to understand how users are consuming online health content, also measure the perceptions and attitudes toward health care advertising. T

he behavior of users online about medical conditions and diagnoses, as well.
The results of the study revealed these people are using the Internet to take charge of their health and better educated about the condition and treatment options.

"Health users are more attractive to accordant advertisements as accommodation authoritative tools, back those ad letters are appropriately affiliated to the consumer's charge or goal," said Evan Minskoff, carnality president, marketing, the About Group. "Advertisers can reach potential customers more effectively when you align the posts of content that helps deepen the relevance of a brand to consumers at key moments of need."

The study found that people are finding health ads helpful in coping with illness and learning about the medication. For example, 58 percent of respondents said they are looking for pharmaceutical advertisers to provide them with information on possible side effects and drug safety, while 47 percent said they watch the ads to help them copes with a condition or disease. Both abstracts represent at atomic 100 percent increases over aftermost year's results.

More than half of respondents also said they look at the ads of health to determine the efficacy of drugs.
Analysis from this year's abstraction additionally revealed:

Online ads enable consumers health as a result of viewing an online advertisement of health:

• 44 percent of the drugs investigated in more detail as a result of viewing an online ad on health, compared with 36 percent in 2009.

• 35 percent talk to your doctor after seeing an ad online health.

Sixty percent of survey respondents said they took action as a result of seeing a healthcare ad on Among this group, he following actions were taken :

• 70 percent of the drug investigated in more detail.

• 56 percent talked to their doctor.

• 33 percent batten to friends/family about the medication.

• 24 percent visited a pharmaceutical website. Participants also showed that print health tips (40 percent), offers a free trial (38 percent), and brief user stories (29 percent), helped the general health announcements.
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Friday, August 20, 2010

Social Media Marketing: Simply the way business is done these days

At least, the acute business owners apperceive the amusing media business is how they SHOULD be announcement their businesses. With the massive use of the Internet these days is so important to include a line item in your marketing plan. How do you do that, abnormally in the face of so abundant competition? Believe it or not, that's the accessible part. All you agree to do is bethinking one company: has an accumulating of amusing media business casework that are advised to advice companies like castigation cross the boscage of online business and appear out victorious. Several Fortunes 500 companies accept already invested in these caseworks and abounding ample organizations like the Mormon Church accept already active on as clients. That's high praise for the services of s', do not you think? That's high praise for the services of s', do not you think?

"Clients accept the adeptness to shop for total from Facebook admirers to 18-carat YouTube angle with us, as able-bodied as several added caseworks which are unique, to say the actual least," says uSocial CEO Leon Hill. "In short, we've fabricated online announcement not alone added able than acceptable means, but additionally abundant added cost-effective," explains the company's CEO Leon Hill.

Hill continues, explaining that:

"By far the most popular of our services are our offers related to Facebook and although they are of enormous power, customers can invest in them for less than $ 200. And as the ROI is great, customers will get their money almost immediately. "

If you are looking for a way to inject new vitality to your business or just to get your new business with the right foot, invest in 's social media marketing services. All that is left to do after that is, sit and watch as its profits head skyward.

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Take care of your own health

Health is not valued until sickness comes. Let me compare our body to a car or vehicle.

If no one bothered to check and change the oil in the family car, the engine would not last long. The care and attention are also necessary for your body to function properly. Neglect could go unnoticed for a while, but eventually the poor maintenance to catch up with you.
Few of us take care of our bodies with the same care, we give to our cars. We are conducting vacuum skipping meals, while racing through a stressful day, or being filled with wrong fuel empty calories, full of sugar. Stop long enough to schedule routine maintenance. Fill your body with "high octane" food. Reduce speed to a reasonable speed. It's hard on your marriage or relationship if you are sick or exhausted constantly.

Honor your body, giving it the attention it needs.
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Friday, July 30, 2010

Health Talks: Proteins for our Body

Without protein your body cannot function properly.Our nerves of the body, tissues, bones are all composed of proteins. Thus proteins become very necessary to grow and repair.

Proteins are large molecules composed of amino acids that our body and cells in our body needs to function properly.

Our body structures, functions, regulation of body cells, tissues and organs cannot exist without proteins. Our muscles, skin, bones and many other parts of the body contain significant amounts of protein. The protein is responsible for 20% of total body weight.

The enzymes, hormones and antibodies are proteins.

The proteins also function as neurotransmitters and companies of oxygen in the blood (hemoglobin). Imagine proteins as machines, machines that do all living things, from viruses, bacteria, butterflies, jellyfish, plants and humans function. Each cell has thousands of different proteins, which together form the cell to do its job - the machines are small proteins inside the cell. Amino acids and proteins - protein is fabricated up of amino acids; amino acids are the architecture blocks of protein, there are 20 of them. Imagine there are 20 altered types of bricks, and an abundant beyond cardinal of altered types of houses which we could name according to the way we accumulated the artery (their sequence). The bricks are amino acids and the houses are proteins.
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

To Have A better online gaming experience You Should Have A Positive Attitude

Most people today are getting involved in online gambling, this company has prepared a lot of millionaires. Online Casino games are games of chance systems making new money for anyone interested in making extra income. There are a lot of feelings and myths surrounding the game, but as the note below, many are ill-informed by the company. Most people participate in online gambling without even reaching the current ground rules, not about how to succeed. Good knowledge of strategy is essential if you want to succeed. You will receive real strategy guides on most web sites online. Study them and be on your way to success.

Negative attitude are contributing to the loss of most of the time. Keep a positive attitude is entitled to remain calm and focused in carrying out any online game. Professional players will pause and analyze his sentence before, during and after every single online game.

Roulette, craps slots and blackjack games ken line will command all the attention at all times. Choose the settings that are enough to avoid distractions.

Knowledge as mentioned above is very important. Master all strategies involving any game online. Be sure to test their skills through practice their skills in free online flash games portal (all online gambling sites should be this good). Make sure you have a good record of wins and loses, if so, you can play games live online.

There are many websites online that offer online gambling, the identification of one of the many can be a very daunting task. However, the most accredited will have good sign up bonus, and some may offer up to 100 percent of their initial deposit. For deposit and withdrawal easier and check the sites that can accept credit cards online. This could really help in the management of an online gambling account.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Body Massages Therapy for Stress Body

What a day! I must say... I need a break! Not totally a break from work, I must say that I need to relax my body and all my muscles because of walking, standing, sitting in front of my office computer and type my reports as fast as I can before the work time ends. Body massage is the oldest and simplest form of therapy. The fundamental goal of massage therapy is to help the body heal itself and increase health and wellness.

There are many benefits that you can get from body massage and these are:

• Can decrease your depression
• Relieves your tension
• Relieves your headaches
• Relieves your stress
• It improves your flexibility
• It improves your breathing
• Encourages relaxation
• Improves your circulation
• Improves your posture
• Helps manage pain

Remember, you have at least take a break and relax from work and body massage can take, make you relax and sleep for an hour while massage therapist massages your body.
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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Being Jack over Blackjack

Although I'm busy with my work and to my small time business, I don't forget to take a break from work. I balance my work and of course play! Speaking of playing, I' am currently into online game, but not the usual online games that you will see playing in the Internet cafe. I'm into Online Blackjack. I just tried to play this casino game online and I'm having fun! It so easy to download and install the software. Blackjack game rules are easy to understand, but seriously I can't beat the computer players, I still have to study what are the Blackjack Strategy to win over the other players. It's okay if I don't win since I'm not playing with real money. I'm enjoying the free online casino games just for fun and take away my stress from work.
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Friday, July 9, 2010

Using LCD Monitor for Advertising

Displayed posters, leaflets, price lists, and brochures in a shop or store is part of the company's advertisement and marketing their products. Businessmen are looking up for new ideas how to deliver or market to the consumer their products. Setting up or putting up LCD monitor inside the store can help customers understand more on the product. Products that are needed to have visual advertising mostly home equipments such as kitchen equipments, and cleaning equipments for instance:

Vacuum Cleaner - Most of the vacuum cleaner has 6-in-1 hose for different types of cleaning. This really need, a LCD monitor with the video of how to use the equipment while the salesclerk demonstrate the basic functions of the vacuum.

Mini LCD could also use for advertising food. Business that using mini LCD are kiosks that selling food that is new to the market. So, people will appreciate their product.
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Monday, June 28, 2010

Business Establishment: Wi-Fi Zone

Technology nowadays upgrade so fast! Every month, there are always new model cellular phone unit introduces to the consumer. As year goes by, manufacturers of mobile phones upgrade their unit whereas all the consumers can have their needs using their mobile phone. Pocket PC is not that hot as before, but now it consumers are more on a mobile phone with these features: good megapixels camera, with flash, has larger internal storage memory, can open documents, can watch movies, and what's important, most right now it should be having Wi-Fi [wireless fidelity].

Have you noticed that mostly in the coffee shops are businesspeople with their laptop on and sipping their coffee? Although, buying an expensive cup of coffee in a coffee shop is worth it because of the benefit of using their Wi-Fi connection. With these, they can save money from calling their subordinate in the office by using the mobile phone load and checking there through online via e-mail or via YM.

Since, all the coffee shops or restaurant has wi-fi connection, however some of them are not free, I'm referring to the connection with WEP Key or password just to connect. Since wi-fi is hot because of the free usage that you get, mostly of the gadgets have wi-fi features such as PSP [Playstation Portable] and iPod Touch. Easy to connect if you are in a wi-fi zone area.

cebu restaurant
Setting up a Wi-Fi also attracts costumers especially for those who always want to go online. It also helps you to market your business from the word-of-mouth. For instance, someone is asking "where he is right now?" he will answer the name of your business [could be a grilled restaurant or a coffee shop] and then their feedback with your place and the benefits of wi-fi that you has. Then it will start to have more costumer to go in your place, instead of going to internet cafe and pay per hour, they will buy food or cup of coffee instead and connect to your free wi-fi.

That would be great!
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Friday, June 25, 2010

Business Tweets

In my previous post, I already discussed regarding online marketing your product and services through social networking sites ads, free online ads and forums.

Another thing, is people or consumer nowadays wants to get the information so fast! What we have another tool for doing, marketing online is that the website of Twitter. Com. This is the site where you can update your customer in what you have offers such as promo and discounts. You can also share, what's in and what's new or your new arrival for this week or this month.

Since you are targeting the market and you have customers, they will follow you on twitter to get updating with you. And not just that, what I have mentioned earlier that, customers wants to get the information so fast. Your followers, which is your customers, can tweet you and you can retweet [RT] to them regarding their concerns and everything they need to know.

For instance if the costumer is asking until when is your sale: [Sample of tweets]
"We are now on sale! Get up to 50% off to selected items"
RT @antoniogoodmannews: We are only until July 1, 2010. Hurry and visit us now.

I know, it's not the normal ways to post the customer their concerns through the internet and everybody can read it and can comment into that but that's what "in" in today's businesses. Everybody goes online now and every business has their own Facebook Page where the customers can click the "Like" button to get the updates from your company.

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• What's in Social Networking Sites?

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Questions Regarding Everyday Work Out

• Is it okay to work out every day?

► It's okay to have your work out every day, but you need to have at least one rest day .

• How about the routines of sit ups, leg raise, push ups or burpees everyday?

► These are not advisable to do these everyday to gained muscles. You also have to take a rest or you can schedule your routine every other day for instance every Monday-Wednesday-Friday you can do sit-ups and leg raise then push-ups and burpees every Tuesday - Thursday.

• Is it okay to
do 20-30 minutes jogging everyday?

► This is great because your more on cardiovascular exercise. Make sure that before you will jog, you will do warm up and stretched your leg to avoid sprain or muscle pain in your legs. You can start with jogging then if you are a little bit tired, you can do walking and then cool down until you get finished. I'm sure your fats in your belly will be lessened.

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• How Often You Do Excercise?
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Monday, June 21, 2010

Beware of Bogus Buyer Online

What is Bogus Buyer? this is the term of the sellers online for the scammers who will reserved for the selling item over the internet, text messages and chat. They will reserved and meet you up in a place where you agreed to have your meet up or where you usually do meet ups and after all the waiting and wasting time, that buyer will not shown up! That is painful! and that's what you called Bogus Buyer.

There are different types of Bogus Buyer, like what I've mentioned above and the other one is the scammers that money involves in it. Selling items online is a sure gamble for the safety of the sellers and the buyers because its also possible to have a scammers the one who sells online and the victims are the buyers. But since I'm referring to the buyers who are bogus and scammers, sellers online want to make sure that you are 100% sure once you reserved the item.

To be aware of this, make sure that you will post your own Rules in Selling. Indicate the following information: Time of Meet-Ups, What days you are available, Your contact numbers, and post the "No Bogus Buyer Allowed".

• Don't trust a person easily, like giving him/her the item without getting any pay from that person.
• If they will tell you that, they have to get the item first because then will get or withdraw a money, don't give the item.
• If they have many alibis during your meet ups that's the time that you have to be suspicious.
• Make sure that you have his / her contact number, email, and save the transactions you had with that person for future purposes.

Again, you have to make sure and don't let bogus buyers or scammers hits you.
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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Desktop or laptop?

I'm browsing for the latest specs for desktop and laptop through the Internet. I am a busy person and I'm always outside the office doing field work. So, I prefer to use laptop so that I could bring it along with me anywhere I go.

I also own a desktop computer at home. I use it for downloads, playing online games with high specs and if I want to watch movies. The best with the wide LCD screen monitor and home theater speakers I really thinks that I am watching inside the movie theater.

So, I'll go for both. Laptop is for my work and desktop for my personal use. =)
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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

How often do you exercise?

I do my exercise everyday. I'm more cardiovascular exercise by targeting a specific heart rate along with balanced diet are key factors to control weight and stay healthy.

Types of Exercise:

Flexibility Exercise Flexibility exercise is done to improve movement of the muscles and joints. Stretching and bending are common forms of flexibility training. This type of exercise helps prevent muscle stiffness and joint pain (so far). Along with a warm-up session, stretching exercises should be performed before, and after exercise schedule. This will help reduces muscle pain and injury and the proper muscle recovery after exercise.

Anaerobic Exerc
ise: Anaerobic exercise or weight lifting exercise is performed primarily to build muscle and increase size, strength and endurance. Anaerobic exercise such as sit-ups, squats, rowing, pull ups and push ups.

Aerobic Exercise:
Known as cardiovascular exercise. It strengthens the muscles and promotes endurance by targeting specific heart rate. Also best to lose weighting. Aerobic Exercise such as jogging, cycling, running, dancing, swimming and playing sports. Exercise at least 1 hour per day and have a proper diet. To have a healthy life!
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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

E-Book or Hard Copy?

Everything nowadays works with computer. Would you still buy hard copy books? When you can have soft copy of your documents and just save it in your USB storage or you would rather read stories in E-Book format? There is this newest kindle available in where you can carry your library everywhere and anytime.

Let me talk about it. The newest kindle that amazon offers has the following features:

• Its Slim. 1/3 of an inch, just like your carrying magazines.

• Super Lightweight. 10.2 ounces, just like you're carrying a paper.

• Paper-Like Display. This feature is quiet good that makes you feel your reading like a real paper even in bright sunlight.

• Storage. It could store up to 1,200 e-books that you can carry your library.
• Built-in PDF Reader. E-books are PDF file.

• Long Life Battery. Unlike from the previous kindle, this newest kindle last for 4 days. Save you more electricity. Good for out of town or while you're in travel.

• Read-to-Me. There's a text-to-speech feature, kindle can read the e-books, newspaper, magazines to you. If you feel like you want to listen and you want someone to read it for you.

• Other features that you may like:
►3G Wireless
►Books in Under 60 Seconds [delivery of e-books wirelessly in less than 60 seconds]
►Global Coverage

You may also like Kindle DX It has storage that you can store up to 3,500 e-books and it has Automatic Rotation. Visit for more info.
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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Physically Fit You

Hey! Are you lazy to get up your ass early in the morning, because you're thinking that what you are doing everyday is still the same? Then, why don't you try to have some exercise or stretch your muscles and tissues before you'll start your day? Save your life now. The more you fit you are, the longer life you'll live, according to the large study of veterans that applies to black men as well as white men. You must have at least thirty minutes a day, five days a week of exercise to reduce the risk or mortality by 50 percent if not more.

You must always find time to exercise everyday. Do exercise like stretching your arms and legs, bending, running or walking. It will be fun if you will do it with your family and siblings. If you will notice, that many people today are doing a lot of things by sitting down. These are watching television in hours and writing and working with computers. It is like we're living in a same place because we're all doing everything in just sitting down and not moving. This is not really good in our bodies. We have to move our bodies to stretch out our muscles and tissues and not to feel lazy. That is why in school, if you will notice that we have a recess time, to move our body well. Also in our office if we have breaks for lunch. So that our will not going to be sluggish which means moving or reacting more slowly than normal. Exercise and exercise are one way to do and the best time to start your day. This need discipline to fulfill everyday. No Pain, No Gain” this is what they say if you’re going to say “ouch” by reaching your toes. Flexibility is an important aspect of staying fit. Before you‘re going to exercise, you have to stretch first for about 10 minutes of warm-up. It is good to have stretched it prevents muscles soreness. From the first time of your exercise you may feel your muscles aching, and may feel tired. However, if you will have an exercise everyday, it will be easier and more fun. Aerobics exercise I increases the need for oxygen. So, here are some ways to get aerobic:

● Walking (it should be fast)

This is the cheapest and easy to do and you can do it everywhere, just don’t forget to wear sneakers. You can also use pedometer which helps you to weight loss and see how far you are walking. First you have to walk slowly until put some intensity and increase your walking
speed. Try also to walk uphill. The benefits of this are it burns your calories; reduces blood pressure; it lowers your cholesterol; enhances your bone strength; and it improves cardiovascular fitness. See. Walk now!

● Swimming

Cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility are components that you’’ get if you’re going to have a swimming exercise. It also reduces the person’s weight for 90%.

● Jogging

You should have at least 20-30 minutes three times a week jogging or running exercise. This is one of the best work outs. Wear a high quality of running shoes.

● Rollerblading

It improves your balance, movement and coordination. It burns calories as you run about an hour and it promotes weigh
t loss. Strengthening your leg muscles and lower back, improves cardiovascular and lung capacity.

At Home

No time to go to the Gym? Still an option for you, you can do work out at home. It will cost you nothing and you’re not going to travel. Simple exercises you can perform at home to burn your fats but performing same exercise each work out, it may result to lack of motivation. So, try to use work out videos and involve your family members.

Butt Exerci

Squats are the best butt exercise it will tone, firm and tighten the butt muscles in one if you had done squats correctly. The benefits of squats improves your strength and speed legs; more shapely appearance; improved cardiovascular fitness; high percentage of fat burn; easy to control weight after losing excess fat and raised metabolism. If you are wondering why squats, because its exercise all the biggest and major muscles of the human body and create more energy. It’s possible to burn over 200 calories during one set of squats. The butt muscle is the largest single muscle in the human body.
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Monday, May 31, 2010

How do you pay when you shop online?

When you shop online, what do you use if you will pay for the item online?

Paypal known as the easiest way or method to pay online. They allow you to choose your options how to pay. It could be through your credit cards, bank accounts, buyer credit or account balances and secure your financial information. Paypal is available in 190 markets and 24 currencies around the world. They enable global electronic commerce that allows payment through different places, language and currencies. Paypal was founded in 1998 and was acquired by eBay in 2002.

To have a Paypal account, visit their website and sign up. You can choose options such as:
• Personal Account. For individuals who shop online.
• Premiere. For individuals who buy and sell online.
• Business. For merchants who use a company or group name.

They now offer Student Account for those teens who's into shopping online. That their parents can monitor their account activity and there's no hidden fees charges. Teens who are above 13 years old or older can have one they just need their parent to open an account for them.

Amazon. com is a popular online shop that has shop department such as books, movies,music&games, Digital Downloads. Kindle, Computers & Office, Electronics, Home, Garden & Pets, Grocery, Health & Beauty, Toys, Kids & Baby, Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry, Sports & Outdoors, Tools &Home Improvement and Automotive & Industrial.

Amazon. com offers their online shoppers to avail their Store Card as credit card that shopper can use to purchase from Amazon. com. Customers who will avail the store card will enjoy these several benefits:

• Access to exclusive financing offers
• No annual fee
• Zero fraud liability
• One convenient monthly bill
• Online account management

To apply, just visit the Amazon. com Store Card page and click the "Apply Now" button.

To use the card, on purchased select the Store Card as the payment method. You will be billed monthly and will have the option of paying the entire bill each month or choose to maintain a balance in your account (finance charges apply). You can make a payment from the home page of the Amazon. com Store Card and follow the links to manage your account online. For the credit limit, you will be notified when your account was approved.

Their customer services GE Money's Credit Department contact number (866) 634-8379 available 24hours a day, 7 days a week.

How about you, what do you use?
• Paypal
• Amazon
• Both
• Neither
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Friday, May 28, 2010

How do you find out about new shop?

This part of marketing strategy for people knows your new shop.


The effective way to market
your new shop. It could be in leaflets, brochure, post it newspaper, magazines and etc.


The cheapest and easiest way to market. You can post it online most especially in social networking sites so you can spread the word. What is the name of the shop, the location, what you offer to the consumers it could be product or services.


If you are talking with your friends, then suddenly one of them will brought up the topic of a new shop that has been opened. It is also a good thing if someone tell you about what'
s up with that store, what do you offer and good things about your services. I'm sure you will also get curious to go to visit the new shop.

Walking Around

Going to mall every weekend and discover what's new and what's not in the store right now. In this way also, you will know that there are newly opened shop.
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