Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Questions Regarding Everyday Work Out

• Is it okay to work out every day?

► It's okay to have your work out every day, but you need to have at least one rest day .

• How about the routines of sit ups, leg raise, push ups or burpees everyday?

► These are not advisable to do these everyday to gained muscles. You also have to take a rest or you can schedule your routine every other day for instance every Monday-Wednesday-Friday you can do sit-ups and leg raise then push-ups and burpees every Tuesday - Thursday.

• Is it okay to
do 20-30 minutes jogging everyday?

► This is great because your more on cardiovascular exercise. Make sure that before you will jog, you will do warm up and stretched your leg to avoid sprain or muscle pain in your legs. You can start with jogging then if you are a little bit tired, you can do walking and then cool down until you get finished. I'm sure your fats in your belly will be lessened.

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