Thursday, June 3, 2010

Physically Fit You

Hey! Are you lazy to get up your ass early in the morning, because you're thinking that what you are doing everyday is still the same? Then, why don't you try to have some exercise or stretch your muscles and tissues before you'll start your day? Save your life now. The more you fit you are, the longer life you'll live, according to the large study of veterans that applies to black men as well as white men. You must have at least thirty minutes a day, five days a week of exercise to reduce the risk or mortality by 50 percent if not more.

You must always find time to exercise everyday. Do exercise like stretching your arms and legs, bending, running or walking. It will be fun if you will do it with your family and siblings. If you will notice, that many people today are doing a lot of things by sitting down. These are watching television in hours and writing and working with computers. It is like we're living in a same place because we're all doing everything in just sitting down and not moving. This is not really good in our bodies. We have to move our bodies to stretch out our muscles and tissues and not to feel lazy. That is why in school, if you will notice that we have a recess time, to move our body well. Also in our office if we have breaks for lunch. So that our will not going to be sluggish which means moving or reacting more slowly than normal. Exercise and exercise are one way to do and the best time to start your day. This need discipline to fulfill everyday. No Pain, No Gain” this is what they say if you’re going to say “ouch” by reaching your toes. Flexibility is an important aspect of staying fit. Before you‘re going to exercise, you have to stretch first for about 10 minutes of warm-up. It is good to have stretched it prevents muscles soreness. From the first time of your exercise you may feel your muscles aching, and may feel tired. However, if you will have an exercise everyday, it will be easier and more fun. Aerobics exercise I increases the need for oxygen. So, here are some ways to get aerobic:

● Walking (it should be fast)

This is the cheapest and easy to do and you can do it everywhere, just don’t forget to wear sneakers. You can also use pedometer which helps you to weight loss and see how far you are walking. First you have to walk slowly until put some intensity and increase your walking
speed. Try also to walk uphill. The benefits of this are it burns your calories; reduces blood pressure; it lowers your cholesterol; enhances your bone strength; and it improves cardiovascular fitness. See. Walk now!

● Swimming

Cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility are components that you’’ get if you’re going to have a swimming exercise. It also reduces the person’s weight for 90%.

● Jogging

You should have at least 20-30 minutes three times a week jogging or running exercise. This is one of the best work outs. Wear a high quality of running shoes.

● Rollerblading

It improves your balance, movement and coordination. It burns calories as you run about an hour and it promotes weigh
t loss. Strengthening your leg muscles and lower back, improves cardiovascular and lung capacity.

At Home

No time to go to the Gym? Still an option for you, you can do work out at home. It will cost you nothing and you’re not going to travel. Simple exercises you can perform at home to burn your fats but performing same exercise each work out, it may result to lack of motivation. So, try to use work out videos and involve your family members.

Butt Exerci

Squats are the best butt exercise it will tone, firm and tighten the butt muscles in one if you had done squats correctly. The benefits of squats improves your strength and speed legs; more shapely appearance; improved cardiovascular fitness; high percentage of fat burn; easy to control weight after losing excess fat and raised metabolism. If you are wondering why squats, because its exercise all the biggest and major muscles of the human body and create more energy. It’s possible to burn over 200 calories during one set of squats. The butt muscle is the largest single muscle in the human body.
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