Thursday, May 20, 2010

Social Networking Marketing

Everybody around the globe now is relying on the Internet. In every information that they want to know latest news or previous news, photos, videos and anything. Online advertising is one of the easy way to market a certain product. It will cost you less since all your materials are soft copy and no need to print it out, look for a place where to put your ads and how to look it more attractive to get people notice it. Your target markets can be found in posting an advertisement via Social Networking Sites such as Facebook and Friendster.

► Friendster

• With more than 49M registered users of this social networking site posting an advertisement in called "Do It Yourself Ads" can reached your target market which you can specify age, gender, geography, category and locality of your campaign ad.

• You can post a 300x250 ad compare to other Social Networking Sites. You can post it thru text or image that will post in the upper right of your profile. You include the name of your ad, type of the ad, title, and URL.

• To set up your budget you can choose whether you want to pay per impressions or per click. There's a calculation on the right side once you choose what feature you would like for very affordable. For the impression
it will shows how much will you pay per 1000 impressions.

• For the payment, since you posted it online you can't pay thru cash, you should have PayPal account that you can use in your ad budget. If you do not have a PayPal account yet, go to and fill out information to complete the process.

On the other hand, Facebook has more than 250M registered users also offers an online advertising called "Facebook Advertising." The first in advertising via social networking site I think. Facebook has easy steps to make an advertising.

► Facebook Adv

• Design your Ad. You can type 25 characters in length including spaces for the title of your ad. [Make sure to make it more catchy to get end users attention to your ad]. For the body text it has 135 characters for your product or service description. Then upload an image

• You can choose your target audience by choosing location, age, sex, keywords, education, workplace, relationship status, relationship interests and languages.

• Daily Budget. Facebook offers daily budget if you want to pay the ad per day and the schedule when do you want to start running your ad. You can specified the dates or continuously. You can decide whether you want to pay for clicks or pay for views.

• The final step is to review your ad. Check everything from target audience, budget and the designed. If you find any errors you can go back to change any details by clicking the "Change Ad."

• For the payment, once your reviewed your ad you can enter your credit card information and click the "Place Order."

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