Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How To Handle Stress?

How do you handle stress?
What a day! We used to say every time we go out from work. That sometimes we think of what to do after work. If not totally from work what to do on weekend. To stay out of stress even for a day, here are some tips to stay away from stress.

• Remind yourself to relax body and mind
Set your mind to relax. Especially that if you are always in a hurry in walking, eating or working. You should walk in a relax paced.

• Avoid being emotional such as sadness, eager, fear, worrying, and etc. This may cause you tension in your body which you may not noticed right away especially in shoulders, face, neck, stomach and back and chest. You feel weariness when it comes to your work. Do something or activities that make
you enjoyable.

•Have a break! Short break from your daily routine will helps you relax.

• Have long vacations. If things did not work in a short period of time maybe you need to have vacation from work. Going to spa for whole body massage is good too.

• Enroll a class or join group practices for stress reduction such as Yoga, Tai-Chi, Dancing and Bioenergetics Classes.

• Take a deep brea
the every time you think about something, could be in your past or in your future.

• Express your feelings.

These are the tips to help you reduce your stress to have a healthy way of life.
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