Monday, May 24, 2010

How To Sell Your Used Clothes

Is your closet are full of clothes that most of them are not using anymore? Clean up your closet and sell your used clothes on garage sale or post it online.

Selling it on Gara
ge Sale
• Collect all the clothes according to style such as blouses, polo's, shirts,
long sleeves, sleeveless and etc. and separate the upper and lower.
• After you se
parate your old clothes, check if there are some defects. Separate also your clothes if it's branded and non-branded.

• Think of how much is your selling price and depends on the brand and how many times did you used it. Make sure that you will sell it in affordable price that buyer can save more.

• Give discounts if your buyers will buy two or more items. This would keep them from coming back and can recommend your selling items to their friends.

• Check the right location where you will put up your garage sale. Post a big sign so that your neighbors will know that you are in garage sale.

Selling it Online

• If you are planning to post it online, make sure that you will take good photos of your items and upload it to the site where you want to post it.

• Include the following information such as how many times you wore it, the brand, the size, the defects [if any] and the selling price.

• Post your contact number and your name [or display name if you want] for faster transaction.

• For the meet-up points make sure you are familiar with the location. Include that in your rules.

• Rules for the buyers are important to avoid bogus buyers that you can possible meet online and make fun of you on the day of your meet-ups.

• Update every day your post online. For everyone to see your items and make more money.

These are the things that you can do to your old clothes if you don't want to wear them anymore, you can make money out of it. It is not big as what you spend when you bought it but at least you have the profit and buy new clothes that you can invest and sell it in the future.
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