Friday, June 25, 2010

Business Tweets

In my previous post, I already discussed regarding online marketing your product and services through social networking sites ads, free online ads and forums.

Another thing, is people or consumer nowadays wants to get the information so fast! What we have another tool for doing, marketing online is that the website of Twitter. Com. This is the site where you can update your customer in what you have offers such as promo and discounts. You can also share, what's in and what's new or your new arrival for this week or this month.

Since you are targeting the market and you have customers, they will follow you on twitter to get updating with you. And not just that, what I have mentioned earlier that, customers wants to get the information so fast. Your followers, which is your customers, can tweet you and you can retweet [RT] to them regarding their concerns and everything they need to know.

For instance if the costumer is asking until when is your sale: [Sample of tweets]
"We are now on sale! Get up to 50% off to selected items"
RT @antoniogoodmannews: We are only until July 1, 2010. Hurry and visit us now.

I know, it's not the normal ways to post the customer their concerns through the internet and everybody can read it and can comment into that but that's what "in" in today's businesses. Everybody goes online now and every business has their own Facebook Page where the customers can click the "Like" button to get the updates from your company.

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