Monday, June 28, 2010

Business Establishment: Wi-Fi Zone

Technology nowadays upgrade so fast! Every month, there are always new model cellular phone unit introduces to the consumer. As year goes by, manufacturers of mobile phones upgrade their unit whereas all the consumers can have their needs using their mobile phone. Pocket PC is not that hot as before, but now it consumers are more on a mobile phone with these features: good megapixels camera, with flash, has larger internal storage memory, can open documents, can watch movies, and what's important, most right now it should be having Wi-Fi [wireless fidelity].

Have you noticed that mostly in the coffee shops are businesspeople with their laptop on and sipping their coffee? Although, buying an expensive cup of coffee in a coffee shop is worth it because of the benefit of using their Wi-Fi connection. With these, they can save money from calling their subordinate in the office by using the mobile phone load and checking there through online via e-mail or via YM.

Since, all the coffee shops or restaurant has wi-fi connection, however some of them are not free, I'm referring to the connection with WEP Key or password just to connect. Since wi-fi is hot because of the free usage that you get, mostly of the gadgets have wi-fi features such as PSP [Playstation Portable] and iPod Touch. Easy to connect if you are in a wi-fi zone area.

cebu restaurant
Setting up a Wi-Fi also attracts costumers especially for those who always want to go online. It also helps you to market your business from the word-of-mouth. For instance, someone is asking "where he is right now?" he will answer the name of your business [could be a grilled restaurant or a coffee shop] and then their feedback with your place and the benefits of wi-fi that you has. Then it will start to have more costumer to go in your place, instead of going to internet cafe and pay per hour, they will buy food or cup of coffee instead and connect to your free wi-fi.

That would be great!
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