Thursday, September 20, 2012

Getting Employed Via Social Media

Social media is so powerful, that people can find work in Facebook. Yep, that’s right, Facebook. Not convinced? Unless you want to be like on this post. A friend of mine came up to me one day and asked where he could find jobs. I simply answered, why not try online? There are plenty of jobs in Cebu where people can find suitable opportunities. Cool story of what transpired though, because instead of trying out online jobsites, he applied through a post on Facebook! He saw the ad on his news feed, followed the steps, and was invited to go through the steps and screening. The day after, he was hired! Amazing, isn’t it?

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When you stop and think about it, recruitment has come by in different forms since the turn of the decade. Many years ago, getting a job involved a strict process of interviews, call-backs, and plenty of legwork. In this modern technology, it’s no surprise that convenience is the main drive for job seekers. Recruiters, head hunters and sourcing teams now utilize SMS, email, and the Internet to get the job done.

Speaking of modern technology, as mentioned above, another new turn out is social media as one of the driving forces in delivering information to people’s doorstep. Browsing Facebook has become valuable, because not only do you see information from your friends, but also from other parties of different walks of life without having to leave the four corners of your computer screen. Other social networks such as LinkedIn, has been successful in establishing a professional network by harnessing social media. 

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Although it may take some time for people to become used to this new technology, eventually, people will come to embrace it. After all, it wasn’t overnight that Facebook turned into a big hit. So the next time you log into Facebook, why not try checking out the opportunities in store for you? Within a click, you might just be looking into your next dream job. So don’t discount these new methods as anything less than effective, because this could be the next big thing in recruitment. Maybe it’s time for you to update your Facebook photo, Twitter details and other social media accounts and hunt down that job for you!

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