Monday, October 11, 2010

Youngest U.S. billionaire

The Facebook phenomenon strikes again, this time to help catapult two new 20 and many in the ranks of the richest in America for the first time and lowering the average age of U.S. richest slightly to 65.7. Only eight American billionaires are under 40 years, and three of them co-founder of Facebook.

The youngest? Not that you think it is. the world's youngest billionaire is now 26 years old, Dustin Moskovitz, who is eight days younger than his former Harvard roommate and co-founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. The social networking site first chief technology officer, Moskovitz left in 2008 and began Asana, a software company that enables individuals and small businesses to work better. The company has attracted more of the same principles as Facebook supporters and may one day be worth something. For now, however, Forbes estimated Moskovitz entire fortune of $ 1,400,000,000 from its 6 percent stake in Facebook.

Zuckerberg can not reign as the youngest member of the Forbes 400, but has won bragging rights as the year of highest percentage - his net worth rose to $ 6.9 billion, up from $ 2 billion, making a value nearly five times more than Moskovitz and even more of Apple.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Achieving Online Business Success

More people are now turning to internet to find ways to earn extra income or to accompany a fresh career path.

Starting a small business online is much easier these days than one might think. Although like any other business, putting in time and energy is needed to succeed.

Overcome your fear

When you are thinking of having a small online business can be very exciting. Planning what products or services that will promote and sell, decide what you will trade name or even what your logo may initially appear very fun. In fact, most people leave their mark on the thought 'What am I doing. "

Security check weekly or monthly payment of a large company or corporation feels like a huge weight of guilt and fear. The fear that some people can not pass. They just do not see it as an online entrepreneur. But I hear all the time how many people are making money online with Internet. And it is true, then why fear it?

It is fear of the unknown that concerns the new vendors. If they are not well informed about how to start a small online business, is actually the fear that is stopping you. Learn how to start and grow an online business can be achieved. Overcome any fear by learning everything I can to give you the confidence to move forward. The aim should be to "learn how to win!

Overcoming the issue of money:

Even if you are going to start a deli or bakery, or even a hot dog stand that should have the start-up funds to get you going.

What is exciting about the Internet, there are free information as you can get to start your online business for little or nothing. And there are plenty of other tools that are available for free as well.

Their social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, to name a few, are a huge way to share with others your new business online for free.

If necessary, the implementation of effective web site development, brochures, business cards and things of that nature, keep the budget low until you begin receiving income. A small budget should be considered and respected. Consider a small business loan or borrow money from family to start. If you have the will, find a way.

Have you ever heard that people are afraid of success? There is a strong possibility that your business will succeed and have a greater chance of success than someone who starts a business of brick and mortar small. The Internet offers millions of potential customers that offers a higher percentage of success rates between those who work to benefit your online business.

An online business allows you to assignment from home, adjustable hours, be your own bang-up and allows for your adroitness and accommodation making. These are all abundant advantages of accepting your own online business.

At first, you start small, but when you build your business and start bringing in income, allowing you to succeed and grow. Let others have to do some small tasks to have more time to build the business. This is known as outsourcing and the Internet that are able to do this online. All this builds their confidence to overcome fear of success.

If you are thinking about starting an online business or may have already started one, just remember these first 3 keys to help you stay motivated to become a successful online business.

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