Friday, November 12, 2010

Ways How To Burn Fats

We all have days when there is no time to go to the gym. So we ask: What about the activities of cardio-house blast fat faster?

Wonder no more. These are the first seven fat burners and calorie, from Los Angeles-based celeb trainer Ramona Braganza, who has helped shape the amazing bodies of stars like Jessica Alba, Halle Berry and Anne Hathaway.

Try any of these, and increase your metabolism up a day later. A light workout, a huge reward.

 1. Inline skating

Burn 425 calories in 30 minutes
Surprised? While skating could be so fun to remember that you are actually working, it also number one on their list when it comes to fat and calorie blasting.

The big burn is due to the movement, from side to side of your thigh and gluteal muscles (requiring more of your body that direct movement of our number two activity - running). And its core is wrapped in a big way to maintain balance.

What's more, you get all these benefits without putting too much stress on the knees and other joints. Skate to a continued strong pace. Do not forget your helmet, wrist guards, knee and elbow pads.

Increases the burn: Alternate one minute of hard skating strokes a minute of medium pace.

2. Running
Burn 374 calories in 30 minutes

The shape of the typical rider is sleek and slim, and there is a reason for that: The major muscles that run - legs, back, center - turn out to be the biggest muscles in burning calories and fat in your body.

To get the most out of each step, swing your arms close to your body, not leaning forward, and keep your feet near the ground. To lessen the impact, land in the middle of your foot, then rolling over the toes.

Increases the burn: alternate fast and slow intervals, or take to the hills.  

3. Jumping rope
Burn 340 calories in 30 minutes

You knew that this exercise had to be high on the list. After all, is one of the favorite ways to train pro fighters.

To get the most out of each jump, the use of a rope with handles that come to just under the armpits when you stand in it, and so follow these tips: Jump with your feet slightly apart and your body upright and maintain its low-altitude jumps. Do not have a rope? You'll get the same benefits to make the movements of the open string.

Increases the burn: Often the safety switch on the speed (slow, fast) and style (jump with one foot, then two feet), or jumping rope, while you jog.

4. Hula hoop
Burn 300 calories in 30 minutes

There's a reason Marisa Tomei and Beyoncé ring to keep your body beautiful - is a torcher big fat and calories. To do it yourself, take an adult-sized ring (they are larger and heavier than basketball for children, making them easier to turn), you know you have the right size when it reaches your chest when you are in front of you.

Necessary movements, either. Just keep it going around the waist. To begin, stand with one foot before the other and shift your weight back and forth (as opposed to around a circle). And do not worry if you are less than perfect at first, you still important to reduce calories, and improve every time you turn. 

 5. Tennis
Burn 272 calories in 30 minutes

Do not think you need to bring a partner or walking to court to break a sweat super with the racket in his hand.

(Although, if you have a friend and a network of close, you'll burn the same calories.) Simply find a flat area near a wall or garage door that can hit the ball against.  Alternate forehand and backhand shots - then see how you can do in a row without mishaps. Stand 10 to 25 feet away, which will force you to hit harder.

Even the practice of their service will make your body burn mode, and you have to run and bend to pick up lost balls.

Increases the burn: Try to hit the ball consistently for 50 or 100 strokes. "Having a goal will make you work harder to reach him," says Braganza.

6. Dancing
Burns 221 calories in 30 minutes

This cannot be the biggest calorie burner in the bunch, but still an excellent - and fun! - The metabolism booster. (Just look at Kelly Osbourne, who began his incredible loss of 42 pounds in Dancing with the Stars).

Increases the burn: Use your arms! Pick up in the air and move to the beat.   

7. Walking vigorously
Burn 170 calories in 30 minutes

Yes, actually walk on our list. Full disclosure, though: A walk with a friend not cut it. You should be walking briskly enough that it is difficult to maintain a constant conversation.

To get the most of your larger muscles burn calories - the legs, buttocks, and central - measures short, fast, keep the torso erect, arms pump back and forth (not side to side) in time with your step. With each step, land on the heel and roll through your toes.

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